The Guild met with Kaiser today in hopes that Kaiser would be amenable to the Guild's last package proposal which included RIF protection for our members, as well as 10hr shifts and HTR differential for VOV pharmacists.  Kaiser rejected the Guild's proposal and presented a counterproposal, which you can access here VOV Employer Counter 11-26-13.  Kaiser also unexpectedly disclosed to the Guild their intent of eventually having all 39 VOV pharmacists relocate to Walnut Creek, either thru job posting or attrition.  This means that all the proposed outlying hubs (South Bay, Capitol, Marin/Vacaville) are all temporary, since when vacated, the new job posting will be in Walnut Creek.  Without any RIF protection for our members, the Guild sees no value in agreeing to any of Kaiser's proposal.  The Guild resubmitted its last proposal,  emphasizing that the RIF protection language is our "must-have".  Kaiser expressed no interest in the Guild's proposal and called off the discussions.  Kaiser plans to post the VOV positions soon and the Guild will ensure that our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is followed in its entirety.