The results of the Kaiser NCAL 2016 pharmacists’ bonus have been released.


OP Pharmacy Service and Member Satisfaction 30% 84%
Affordability and Management of Costs 25% 4%
Medicare Stars – Diabetes 10% 100%
Medicare Stars – RAS Antagonists 10% 100%
Medicare Stars – Statins 10% 100%
Inpatient Pharmacy – Barcode Override 15% 100%


The bonus will arrive in the 3/24/2017 paycheck.

Consult your individual managers with regard pharmacy performance at your location.

Ask them if the criteria are available yet for 2017. The sooner you can get started with change, the more effective it can be. The Guild has asked several times already this year. Pressure from individual managers may help prevent situations like in past years where the criteria weren’t available until late summer or even fall.