Howard Hertz, Guild President 2015-2018

2013 Howard3  My name is Howard


The Guild can’t succeed without your help. No union organization can gain respect of Employers without the solid support of the members. We have many challenges ahead of us. Employers want to prevent wage growth (effectively lowering wages), reduce benefits, and keep increasing workload. If we stand together for our rights we can resist this. There are some who don’t want to stand. There are some only willing to anonymously pay money but unwilling to publicly resist unreasonable Employer impositions. In Kaiser SCAL there were those who asked in all seriousness: “can I pay someone to strike for me?” I remind those who seek to avoid confrontation that there is no end to Employer desires, each intrusion that goes unopposed will be followed by another and more egregious intrusion.


In your daily work always remember you have sworn an oath to put patient safety first. Our state boards of Pharmacy expect that of you and will take your license for failing to do so.

If your manager tells you that you have to do what it takes to meet arbitrary quotas please tell them: “I am working as fast as I can work safely. I refuse to put service goals like wait time ahead of patient safety. I refuse to cut corners with my responsibilities under law and under Employer policy.”

If you make an error in haste the manager who unceasingly harangues you about wait time will be the first to chastise and discipline you. The state board will not mitigate a license suspension or termination because your manager said you need to work faster or the wait time was long.


The Guild faces several challenges in the near future. We have several Collective Bargaining Agreements in progress. Additionally we are looking to bring the organization and its processes into the 21st century. Guild expenses have exceeded Guild dues income for several years. If we are to hold dues steady for as long as possible we need to leverage technology to hold down costs. I personally take great pride that Guild dues haven’t risen for over 2 decades and that Guild dues are a set figure ($27.50/month) and not a percentage of wages. Guild dues in 1981 represented about 1.5 hours pay. Guild dues in 2015 represent less than 0.5 hours pay.


Manually billing a Guild member eats up about 10% of their dues

Help the Guild help you: if you don’t have your Guild dues deducted from your paycheck please complete a dues deduction authorization and scan ( or fax it (818-992-6835) into the Guild office. Thank you.

Kaiser Northern California dues deduction


Kaiser Northwest dues deduction



Howard Hertz, Pharm.D.
(new Guild based email address, 10/2015)


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