Notice of Error of Benefit Notices

We received a notice from Mr. Fisher regarding letters that were accidentally delivered to some of our members. Read his statement below.

Dear Claudia and Cheryl:

I wish to inform you concerning an error that was made on Dec 2.  Letters were inadvertently sent to a small group of employees notifying them that their health benefits would be cancelled as of January 1, 2013.  Some of your members did receive these letters but apparently most did not.  This was a computer generated error and we regret the alarm this may have caused to those employees who received them.  In no way are any of your benefit eligible members having their health benefits cancelled on January 1, 2013.  By December 17, we will be mailing retraction letters to all of your members explaining this error and to ignore the previous letter, if they had received one.

If you have any questions please fill free to contact me.


Mark Fisher