LAC – ERCOM Update forex no deposit bonus facebook LOS ANGELES COUNTY sito opzione iq The Employee Relations Commission of the County of Los Angeles (ERCOM) convened yesterday enabling us to report on the updated status of three issues facing Guild pharmacists.
exchange dollar canada 1.    ERCOM put the matter of the decertification petition over until the next meeting scheduled for the end of January.
seeking alpha binary options 2.    The appeal filed by the Guild regarding the dismissal of the Unfair Labor Charge pertaining to collective bargaining of the competency assessment is currently pending before the Commission. binary options trading easy 3.    The Guild also filed an Unfair Labor Charge against the County of Los Angeles for their dilatory tactics and expect a signed contract with retroactive wages soon.
Professionally yours,
Claudia Myles, Pharm.D.
Executive Director, Guild For Professional Pharmacists