Kaiser Pharmacy Visitor Policy & Attestation

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It has come to Guild’s attention that the pharmacies have implemented the Visitor Policy prior to reaching bargained agreement about the policy. The Guild has raised this issue at every meeting since Kaiser started bargaining. The Guild has raised many legitimate objections to failings of the policy and circumstances where “direct line of sight observation” would sacrifice patient safety, timely therapy, and fiscal responsibility.

We request that the use of pharmacist NUID be curtailed, and any prior pharmacist attestations be revoked. The pharmacists were misled into providing these attestations by the implication that the requirement for these was appropriately bargained and approved by the Guild. Neither of these conditions is valid.

The Guild stands ready to resume bargaining over the Visitor Policy. The Guild will not condone implementation until the failings of the policy have been resolved. As it stands the policy puts pharmacists in jeopardy either by following or not following the policy.

  legittimi siti di opzioni binarie The visitor policy is still the subject of bargaining. In it’s current form it is unworkable, and does not cover appropriate action under several circumstances, including multiple simultaneous visitors. The Guild will continue to bargain.
Risikomanagement für binäre Optionen Until agreement is reached, the Guild is telling pharmacists not to complete the training and make an attestation; or to revoke any previously signed attestation. Alternatively to follow the policy as written and to which they have attested.

http://floppyrecords.co.uk/news.php?earning-money-writing-essays660-6c earning money writing essays A revocation of attestation could like this:


I, __________ NUID _________, revoke my attestation to the Kaiser Pharmacy Visitor policy training. I have become aware that this policy was implemented prior to agreement with my bargaining unit represented by the Guild for Professional Pharmacists. The visitor policy is still the subject of bargaining. In its current form it is unworkable and does not cover appropriate action under several circumstances including multiple simultaneous visitors. The Guild continues to negotiate and when bargained agreement is reached I will once again sign the attestation. I recognize patient safety and regulatory compliance will continue to be the primary goals of Kaiser and my primary goals. This revocation should not be interpreted otherwise or as insubordination.