Kaiser Pharmacy Visitor Policy & Attestation

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option yard binary forex hedging scalper ea Until agreement is reached, the Guild is telling pharmacists not to complete the training and make an attestation; or to revoke any previously signed attestation. Alternatively to follow the policy as written and to which they have attested.


I, __________ NUID _________, revoke my attestation to the Kaiser Pharmacy Visitor policy training. I have become aware that this policy was implemented prior to agreement with my bargaining unit represented by the Guild for Professional Pharmacists. The visitor policy is still the subject of bargaining. In its current form it is unworkable and does not cover appropriate action under several circumstances including multiple simultaneous visitors. The Guild continues to negotiate and when bargained agreement is reached I will once again sign the attestation. I recognize patient safety and regulatory compliance will continue to be the primary goals of Kaiser and my primary goals. This revocation should not be interpreted otherwise or as insubordination.