Kaiser Northern California wage increase

Kaiser Northern California Pharmacists



Your Guild contracted wage increase will be effective on the pay period ending 6/10/2017 and will be on the paycheck of 6/16/2017.

Step 1 pharmacists will be increasing from $78.77/hour up to $81.13/hour.
Step 2 pharmacists will be increasing from $81.13/hour up to $83.56/hour.
Differentials remain unchanged.

Your Guild has been highly effective in negotiating good wage increases in past contract renewals. The support of Guild pharmacists is what gives the Guild the strength to do so.

Your support will be needed more in the upcoming contract renewal than ever before. Kaiser will try to avoid wage increases despite the workload of Kaiser pharmacists constantly increasing. There is continuous pressure by Kaiser to limit retirement benefits.

Our current contract expires 5/31/2018. Negotiations will begin in early Spring 2018.

We have two choices: to stand up for your Guild or to roll over for Kaiser. Without your active participation there will be only one choice: give in and let Kaiser have it’s way.

Well in advance of the beginning of negotiations the Guild will survey member concerns and solicit volunteers to be part of the negotiations team. We will need local communication volunteers at every pharmacy in addition to the negotiating committee.

The survey and communications will be entirely electronic, mostly via email and website. Therefore it’s critical that the Guild has a valid NON-KAISER email address. (for security and pharmacist safety reasons the Guild will not allow use of kp.org email addresses)

If you’re currently getting the Guild email blasts you don’t need to do anything. If you’re not then email the Guild at contactus@gfpp.com.

We will need:

1) Your name as Kaiser knows you
2) Your Kaiser employee ID (the number with which you clock into TIME)
3) Your personal email address

Thank you


Howard Hertz
President GFPP

On behalf of the Guild Executive Board members, Kaiser Northern California unit