Kaiser NCAL – Retirement benefit danger

To all Guild pharmacists who retired from Kaiser and came back to work on call or short hour:

Kaiser, without negotiations and without Guild consent,  has initiated changes to retiree medical that will cost you your medical benefit. This loss will be permanent and irrevocable.

The Guild approached Kaiser to correct this in a collegial fashion which Kaiser ignored. It is a statement of how little the “Thrive” motto means to Kaiser that they would seize the retiree medical benefit earned through decades of hard work without considering the impact.

The Guild recommends you resign immediately or risk losing your retiree medical benefit.

While the Guild is pursuing both grievance and Unfair Labor Practice charges this may not save your retiree medical benefit unless you resign, effective immediately.

A possible statement:

I am resigning my non-benefited position at Kaiser Permanente effective immediately. Because Kaiser has threatened to take my hard earned retiree medical benefit without negotiation or consent I will not be able to finish out the current schedule. I regret the negative impact this will have on patients and my coworkers. I wish Kaiser would show as much care and consideration to its employees and its members.

Signed: _____________________ Date: 12/____/2016

The Guild has not given up on you but we can’t let you come to harm hoping Kaiser will come to its senses.


Howard Hertz, Pharm.D.

President, Guild for Professional Pharmacists