History of the Guild

1981 Fed-Mart pharmacists in Southern California

1984 Sav-on, Southern California pharmacists (now CVS)

1984 Kaiser, Southern California pharmacists

1985 Fedco, Southern California pharmacists

1989 Kaiser, Northwest (Oregon) pharmacists

1989 Los Angeles County pharmacists

1989 Borman’s pharmacists in Detroit, Michigan

1999 Kaiser, Northern California pharmacists

2005 Medco Health Solutions pharmacists, Willingboro, New Jersey

2006 Medco Health Solutions pharmacists, Las Vegas, Nevada


The Guild remains a professional organization, composed, run and controlled exclusively by employee pharmacists. The Guild recognizes that it is difficult at best to be a small part of a large union. It is an organization in which all pharmacists can exert their influence, acting together, to advance their economic and professional futures.




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