Guild Back at Bargaining Table. TIME FOR YOU TO ACT

IQ option Brunei Guild Back at Bargaining Table



Many of you have contacted the Guild about your hopes and concerns’ regarding what happens now that the January TA was rejected.  For now binary options paypal , the terms and conditions of the current Guild contract remain in effect just as it has since the contract expired last April.

Your vote to reject this TA sent a powerful message to Kaiser.  It is clear that you, our members, do NOT want and will NOT accept what Kaiser has been willing to put on the table iq option ios .  And when we sit down with Kaiser next week at the bargaining table, your voice will be deafening.  You want more.  And you deserve more.

The truth is it’s not the union leadership or its affiliation that matters.  Cook Islands IQ option The power of any union is in the willingness of its membership to stand up for itself – to act. 

swap in forex examples Kaiser’s offer is not based on the identity of your bargaining representative.  Rather during this last year of strenuous negotiations, Kaiser’s decisions at the table reflected their assessment of its needs to keep its operations going smoothly.  Changing unions will not change Kaiser’s position. iq option how to deposit The only way to change Kaiser’s position is to act. top binary options websites  Historically, The Guild has been successful in bargaining lucrative contracts that fit the needs of our members without the need to strike.  Kaiser’s recent TA with the CNA nurses demonstrates Kaiser is once again treating pharmacists less favorably than others. The Guild WILL NOT stand for that.

 We have moved Kaiser in the past through credible strike threats and a meritorious NLRB charge. Kaiser must know that we are prepared to act again.   So, we are asking you to contact us to volunteer to be a location coordinator/strike captain by emailing us at  We also want you to email us that you are willing to strike and how best to contact you as we proceed with strike planning. 

 The Guild recognizes that it will take strong action to make the gains you have said are your bottom line.  Don’t be lulled into thinking that we can make the gains you demand without your active participation.  Our bargaining strength is only as great as the economic muscle we bring to the table.   Stand up for yourself.  Volunteer now!