smart live forex forex binary options-system in deutscher kraken forex bank negara IQ option Trinidad and Tobago posted 2. You will not be able to return to your home facility even if you find VOV highly IQ Option trading robots undesirable 3. Your standing in relative seniority within the group at VOV may be different, i.e.
you may be 4th at the pharmacy you’re currently in but may be 23rd out of 39 at
4. Lack of variety of work – VOV center will work exclusively on verifying standard
order sets
5. You may lose all your clinical skills and become less well-rounded in this ultracompetitive job market
6. Repetitive work may cause long-term health issues to you, i.e. carpal tunnel,
computer-induced eye strain, migraine due to staring at the computer all day
7. Higher chance of making errors since you may not be familiar with the workflow/
formulary at other facilities
8. You will be under pressure to verify orders (similar to call center; number of
verified orders is the only metric for performance evaluation)
9. Your shift will be converted from 10hr to 8hr, i.e. working an extra day per week
(applicable to those who are currently working 10hr shifts)
10.Undefined shifts – you may be forced to work exclusively AM or PM shifts (similar
to CPP)
11.There is a potential for graveyard shift, even though it is just AM/PM shift for now
12.There is a potential to outsource VOV work to a third-party company
(e.g. Cardinal, Pipeline Rx). Therefore, you may lose your job if Kaiser decides to
fold the entire VOV service since it is not attached to any pharmacy
13.You may have to make a longer commute (applicable to those who work at the
central hub in Walnut Creek; think about traffic and toll)
The implementation of VOV is Kaiser’s unilateral decision. The Guild needs your help to
fight its implementation. Say No to VOV! If you have any questions or concerns
regarding the issue, please contact Claudia or Cheryl at the Guild office at (818)992-
0475 or email or